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Date: 30/07/2018 11:43:49 Visualization: 1231

Venos is a bolentino rod, powerful but at the same time parabolic, which allows you to capture prey even of a certain size, while using very fine terminals, to the advantage of maneuverability. For this project Colmic started from the basic concept, known to all fishermen, that time is the most...Continue Reading

Date: 09/07/2018 10:30:33 Visualization: 5213

Colmic presents its latest innovations in the field of surfcasting rods in 3 pieces with double peak, an extremely interesting solution for all those who want to have flexibility in surfcasting fishing. In fact, for those who practice beach fishing, this means buying a single rod and benefiting from the...Continue Reading

Date: 04/07/2018 08:54:40 Visualization: 2654

Now readers, more and more intrigued by this particular spiraling ring, ask me for information ... By Maurizio Pastacaldi Since we are dealing with a technical notion, I feel I can deal with the speech in the first person. The fishing world knows well the fishing rods and knows that there are...Continue Reading

Date: 09/03/2017 08:24:08 Visualization: 283

Colmic Feeder is now a genuine reality in Italy and in Europe. Not only for the part it dedicated to competition, but also as regards the true fisherman and right. Over the past five years Colmic has always worked more about this specialty. All in parallel with the growth of...Continue Reading

Date: 30/05/2017 10:05:52 Visualization: 244

In fishing you never end up learning, and when you experience so much you often want to invent something new: for example, a fusion between two of the most popular fishing techniques like trolling and bolentino. This is where a new technique is born with the particular features that will...Continue Reading