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N957NX - B957NX
The ideal hook for “difficult” fish for which the bait must always be perfectly rigged to ensure ...
The special bend ensures a perfect hold on the hooked fish and easy landing. Used successfully by ...
The N1000 of CURVA CRYSTAL straight hook , made in carbon steel and chemically sharpened. The long shank makes ...
It’s highly recommended for both fresh and salt water fishing.
This twisted hook have a specially designed for stream and lake trout fishing with all the classic baits.
NK800 - DK800
A hook that will stand up to any kind of stress, suitable for any size fish.
It’s recommended for “hard-to-catch” fish, even if quite large in size.
 It is very lightweight and very strong and therefore also suitable for large fish and all other fish ...
The WB958 is especially recommended for attracting large, shy biting fish with bluebottle larvae, horsefly larvae, or earthworms.Nor will ...
N900 - B900
This hook is incredibly durable despite the relatively fine wire section. Suitable for all inland fishing specialties and for ...
Similar in shape to the well-known N500, but with a thinner and lighter diameter. It is thus ideal ...
Ideal for bleak e gardon.
Colmic recommends this hook; is ideal for rigging with waxworm, the medium sizes are excellent for baiting with ...
WN501 - WBN502
Recommended for carp fisheries, where there is a real need not to wound the mouths of fishes that are ...
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