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The noble Fiorentina Company, which until now has counted among its members only internal fishermen, opens to the sea.

In fact, the Canna da Natante team was born, which from 2019 will represent the Oltrarno and the Colmic brand on a national and international level. The reed boat is certainly among the sea discipline of FIPSAS, the one that includes the most important World titles won. The idea of ​​creating this team was born precisely from the Patron of Colmic, Collini Andrea, who wants to get even closer to the world of competitive sea.

In fact, in this regard, the Colmic Company is creating, starting this year, a series of products aimed at the boat barrel. Soon will be on the market a series of rods composed of a three pieces for bottom fishing and a "tris" telescopic that includes a light, a medium and a strong so as to be able to cover the whole range of fishing for competitive fishing this specialty.

The merit of all these rods was that of being able to create products with the Tech Tube (born for the construction of the Roubasienne) a material with mechanical characteristics that until today can be imaginable. Not wanting to go into the technical just think that with this product, with the same length and diameter of the section, compared to other modules, Colmic has succeeded in obtaining an increasingly lighter, more resistant to breaking and stiffer rod.

Naturally, to promote high-tech products, one could not help creating a team that could best fit into the competitive world. Precisely for this reason, the OLTRARNO COLMIC MARE is born, a group made up of champions who will surely be able to assert themselves. The group starts with three World Champions, well-known names nationally and internationally. Let's get to know them one by one:

Marco Meloni

The author of the idea has to his credit 9 World Championships in teams and 1 individual in the field of boat. The fishing lives at 360 ° being also its work with his charter in Piombino. He manages to excel in two well-separated disciplines such as the boat and the shore. Suffice it to say that in 2018 he was part of the two national teams with a team silver in that of a boat and European gold cane from the shore.


Mauro Salvatori

To present it, just the World title of individual boat of 2018 and team silver. For him still an individual world title in 2010 in Montenegro and a total of 8 World Team titles.


Alessandro Plazzi

Ravennate, also for years at the top of the boat vessel both nationally and internationally. Born with the cane at the highest levels, winning an individual title and two teams, and then devote himself exclusively to the boat barrel. In this field there are 5 world championships in teams.


To these prestige agonists others will soon be added to complete the team.

Appointment then on the fields of competition and of course in the fishing shops where we will shortly be able to admire the full range of products for the reed boat.

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