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Venos is a bolentino rod, powerful but at the same time parabolic, which allows you to capture prey even of a certain size, while using very fine terminals, to the advantage of maneuverability.

For this project Colmic started from the basic concept, known to all fishermen, that time is the most important ally of fish; the longer the fish spends time in the water after the bite, the more likely it will be to get the better of the fisherman.
It is necessary to act quickly, taking advantage of every component of your bolentino mount: from here Colmic started by succeeding in achieving a very high quality of this rod, thanks to the set of four characteristics:

1) power

The Venos has a range that varies from 30 gr up to 200 gr. to allow the fishermen to meet powerful fish, avoiding the possibility of breaking the various components of the equipment: the terminal, the nylon, the hook.


2) possibility to add an element of 50 cm without interrupting the fishing trip, so without having to unhook the reel, thus bringing the total length from 3.30 mt to 3.80 meters.
The advantage is the possibility of using longer armrests with the consequence of giving a greater softness in the presentation of the bait and allowing the angler an easier recovery of the line.

Furthermore, the greater length allows not to lose contact with the bottom.


3) extremely fine stock - 15.0 mm - in relation to the power to absorb

4) parabolic action:

allows the angler to have greater ease in maneuvering the fish, thanks to the use of finer bolentino terminals; the fisherman sensing all the movements of the fish (eg the heads, the changes of escape route) is enabled to foresee and anticipate the actions and therefore always have a temporal advantage on the same


The Venos is equipped with three interchangeable peaks with different action: HH (550 mm), MH (600 mm) and LH (650 mm).

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