In Strasbourg with the highest levels of the European Parliament to talk about the numbers and opportunities of sport and recreational fishing.

A historic meeting yesterday afternoon (Tuesday 12 December) where the director of Fiops Francesco Ruscelli was received in Strasbourg by the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani and the president of the Fisheries Commission, Alain Cadec. An opportunity never before occurred to talk about the importance of sport and recreational fishing at an economic and social level. Ruscelli, on behalf of the president Ugo Claudio Matteoli, also represented the Fipsas Italian Federation of Sport Fishing Underwater Activities Pinnato Swimming. "An important first step - commented Francesco Ruscelli - made possible thanks to the commitment and the availability of MEP Barbara Matera who, in a few weeks, managed to organize appointments and even to accompany us both". In Tajani the numbers of the sector have been illustrated: 2 million sport and recreational fishermen only in Italy that move a turnover of between 2 and 3 billion euros a year. In Europe, the figures are 10 times as many, with over 20 million fishermen and an influx of tens of billions of euros. The President of the European Parliament acknowledged the value of the data presented by taking immediate action to organize further meetings in Brussels with the European Commission's top management for fisheries as from the end of January. "I really appreciated Tajani's pragmatism and sensitivity, which showed a serious willingness to continue the path taken".

Immediately after the director of the Fiops Francesco Ruscelli was welcomed by Alain Cadec who, in addition to being the president of the Fishing Commission, is a passionate fisherman who delights in the waters of his Brittany. Many topics have been addressed, including the need to enhance the role of recreational fishing in territorial marketing, the urgency linked to the spread of the phenomenon of poaching, the need for greater controls in the seas as well as in fresh waters. And then again the protection of fish and fauna, the relationship between native and alien species and the impact of sports fishing on the fish stocks of the sea. "In the next few days, together with Fipsas, we will send a more detailed account of every issue we have discussed. I think these meetings in Strasbourg are just the beginning of an important collaboration that will bring enormous benefits to the world of sport and recreational fishing ".